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Um for the alliance to chat and shit..
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 Fan Mail From Basher :D

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brooken (ninjanurse)
brooken (ninjanurse)

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PostSubject: Fan Mail From Basher :D   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:28 pm

Hey All Smile
One of my spam buddies, Basher has written a story about us Razz
Was going to MM this but then thought it would be best in a permanent place mexsmile
TO share with your alliance...
Another tale by BASHER

There was no EYEWITNESS when the SHOWBAGZ went missing.

TIMHORTON was dead.

He still had breath but unless he acted like SPEEDY GONZALES he was going to get the CHAT and become a MCMASSIVE NO NAMES in an unmarked grave.

The gear weed was gone. CHEECH & CHONG were not amused.

Like a TESTDUMMY, LUIS FLORES missed the drop as he stopped to get SANGOES from the new EL MUNCHO drive through in NYKO street.

They were both gone. They had to act. They called Mr MESCAL. He was a borderline psychotic and lived on a tripwire, but he had contacts, like BANDIDO KADI and big bad CHOPPERTEN.

They knew the DIDS was done by that ROGUE SVEN PINKBELLY the owner of the club NACHO LIBRE. But how the hell were they going to get the gear back as he had a triple A rating. He was protected by the Assassin AKU, the Avenger ARIOCH and the Awesome ANDREI the giant who was actually the size of a hobbit.

Things were not looking good.

They needed a pro. But FRED was out of town.

Their balls were in a vice and dangling in the WIND as they then pleaded with the WICKED WITCH PIYA in the bar EL SALIVOTAS on the corner of MAROWIT and HARKN to see if she had someone talented. She did.

The op was on.

GUAN YU organised the hardware a silenced hollow point 9mm RMZ with a FLY HUNTER night scope. BIG ARCH got the wet ware, a HALO chameleon stealth suit and the ultimate viral SHARLOCK worm to disable the high tech software defences.

Like an ARCHER releasing a fletched arrow from their bow SHAFT, in SWOOPZILLA the subtle but talented NINJANURSE.

None survived.

The AAA rating was gone.

The show bags returned and like a puff of smoke another epic tale became a myth that could not be BROOKEN.

Not sure if he's trying to flatter me in that last part or not...but it's the thought that counts I guess Razz


p.s: feel free to IGM him direct with them in the LAW spam forum (he's done one for them too..such a sweetie Surprised)
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Mwesty (El Sancho)
Mwesty (El Sancho)

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PostSubject: Re: Fan Mail From Basher :D   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:49 pm

I left too early No
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brooken (ninjanurse)
brooken (ninjanurse)

Posts : 357
Join date : 2010-08-06
Age : 28
Location : Perth

PostSubject: Re: Fan Mail From Basher :D   Fri Oct 29, 2010 12:59 pm

Did you want me to complain & have you added?
Or mabye this should be your punishment for telling me to fark off the other day Twisted Evil


p.s: he still has 999 pardons to go for mis-spelling wenis Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Fan Mail From Basher :D   

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Fan Mail From Basher :D
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